Sample RAP Lessons

Download one of our one-off lessons to try with the students at your school.

Lend a Hand

This activity can be used to lead discussion about the safe methods of supporting a bullying victim.

Draw a Pilot

In this activity, students explore the gendered stereotypes that are formed from a very young age and how these are often used as a form of discrimination.


Make a Statement

Students explore basic character strengths and then create their own posters that celebrate looking for strengths in self and others.


More Information About RAP

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RAP has been delivered to more than 30 schools in Victoria and Tasmania with enormous success.

NIRODAH was selected:

  • to present the findings of RAP at the National Centre Against Bullying conference in Melbourne 2014.
  • accepted to present further evidence of the impact of the program at the conference again in July 2016.
  • to partner with the Salvation Army in the Derwent Valley, Tasmania in 2016 to deliver RAP to local schools under the Community For Children initiative.

RAP was selected as one of the top 10 education innovations by for 2018.